KOBE “musubu” SCREEN

2029年度に完成予定の(仮称)JR三ノ宮新駅ビルの建設工事に伴い設置される、「KOBE “musubu” SCREEN」と名付けられた仮囲いの装飾。その第一弾の作家としてイラストレーションを制作しました。

I created illustrations for the temporary enclosures that will be installed in conjunction with the construction of the new JR Sannomiya station Bldg. (Kobe City, Hyogo, Japan), which is scheduled for completion in 2029.


The new station building, which will be completed as a “nodal function of the city,” will be the center of the city of Kobe, The pop illustration depicts cute animals that look like people gathering together and having a lively and enjoyable time, The design expresses a “bright and positive space” with a sense of excitement about the changes the city will undergo in the future.

「KOBE “musubu” SCREEN」について


This concept is based on the hope that the temporary enclosure wall will become a special place that “connects” “people,” “town,” and “tomorrow (the future)” as a “screen” that reflects a new vision, rather than something that separates something from something else. The temporary enclosure for the construction of the new station building, which will serve as a new hub for information transmission in Sannomiya, Kobe, will be used to deliver a variety of attractions.

期 間:2023年6月18日(日)~12月頃(予定)
場 所:三ノ宮駅中央口 南北通路の工事用仮囲い
サイズ:高さ2m×長さ8m 2面