Animal Friends 1 2 3

フランスの出版社Editions Milanから出版された知育絵本「Les 5 amis」の
英語翻訳版となる「Animal Friends 1 2 3」がTwirl Booksから発売されました。


Animal Friends 1 2 3″, an English translation of “Les 5 amis”, an educational picture book published by the French publisher Edition Milan, is now available from Twirl Books. This book is designed to help children learn numbers from 1 to 20 through the stories of animals.

Animal Friends 1 2 3

A lift-the-flap, learn-to-count, animal adventure!

How many cats are playing trumpets? How many bears are picking blueberries? How many mice are getting ready for a party? Learning to count is fun—and made even more so with interactive flaps and adorable animal friends! Animal Friends 1 2 3 includes
• Seek-and-find flaps on every spread
• Bright and colorful illustrations of friendly animal friends
• And a row of dots at the bottom to reinforce counting and adding skills

Perfect for growing minds, Animal Friends 1 2 3 is innovative and interactive primer on counting and adding up to 20!
• Great family read-aloud book
• Books for 3–5 years old
• Books for preschool and kindergarten children